Asian Food Challenge

We’ve landed in Asia! …and Asia means weird food! In an attempt to push ourselves to try everything, we’ve made the “Asian food challenge.”

For those of you that don’t speak crazy, the Asian Food Challenge is a competition between Leah and me. we’ll be daring each other to eat weird “food.”

The winner gets a free cruise, courtesy of the loser, at the end of our trip in June.

Why Ben think’s he will win:
“I feel like I will win due to my ability to remove all emotional attachment from food. (E.g. Duck fetus about to hatch! Yes, please. Might need a dash of salt.) Leah, being a former vegetarian, has the moral aspect of food to battle with.”

Why Leah think’s she will win:
“I’m driven by money. Ben has a weak stomach and I think he usually gets sick first.”

 Current Score

Ben – 6

Leah – 6

Grilled Chicken Instestines

Location: Sabang, Philippines

We Both ate it.

We saw these everywhere in the Philippines so it was only a manner of time before we challenged each other. The texture was surprisingly firm. Seasoned with hunger, the taste wasn’t that bad. Tasted like dark meat with more “Chicken” flavor. It’s understandable why they are so popular.

Spicy Roasted Crickets

Location: Border of Cambodia and Vietnam

We both at it.

Was surprisingly very tasty. They were crunchy and had great spicy flavors mixed in with them. Popping them in our mouths was the hardest part. I can see why people eat these little snacks. Wings and legs gave a unique texture you don’t get with snacks like potato chips.

Durian Fruit

Location: Saigon, Vietnam

We both ate it.

Smelled wretched. Most difficult food challenge to date. Smelled like fermenting fruit in a locker room. If you want to reproduce the smell run a marthon. Take your socks, fill them with rotting fruit and leave it in the sun for a week. Then smell that. Tasted just like it smelled. The outside had a firmer texture to it, similar to a bell pepper that has been over boiled. The inside was mush. And tasted like an old sneaker. Each bite would send a burst of stinky feet. It was like a giant Gusher. (one of those candies with the thick outside and goo on the inside) A diabolical twin version.

Dried Squid, Grilled and then Dipped in Vinegar

Location: Manila, Philippines

We both at it.

Tasted like fish. Extremely fishy fish with a bit of charcoal mixed in. Had the texture of beef jerky at first, then after 5 minutes of chewing had the texture of a rubber band.

Deep Fried Crabs – Whole

Location: Manila, Philippines

We both ate it.

Very tasty little guys. Tasted like crab, the shell added a bit of crunch. The legs added some weird pokes in the mouth and didn’t tasted similar to shrimp tail. (the hard part you usually remove before eating)

Balut – Partially developed duck fetus

Location: Coron, Philippines

We both ate it.

Tasted like a hard boiled egg. Except the developing beak and bones added some extra crunch.