La Boca: Tango with the Boca Juniors Trophies

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Before I get into talking about one of the most picturesque neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. I need to do a little bragging for all my soccer fans out there.

The Boca Juniors are arguably one of the premier soccer teams in the world. And here is me sitting next to a couple of their trophies in their stadium.

Alright, now back on topic, La Boca. Vibrant colored homes are everywhere in La Boca, making it a perfect place for a day-trip stroll. As we walked down Caminito street, a pedestrian street rich in artists selling their paintings, tango performances, and restaurants we managed to stop and take a couple pictures.

Us by a Yellow House



La Boca is a gem during the day, but all bets are off once the sun sets. The touristy area is confined to pretty much 1 or 2 streets, and it gets sketchy at night. The neighborhood is lower-middle class and riddled with abandoned buildings and rumors of Mob influence.  One local even told me to put my backpack on my chest instead of on my back because someone might swipe it. It’s pretty common for people to give us advice like this, even in touristy areas. I think they are genuinely concerned with our well being, which is a good feeling.

After walking around Caminito street, we went to Fundacion PROA a modern art museum in La Boca. There was a 30ft spider standing outside the museum.

Spider Eating Leah

One exhibit was dedicated to pregnancy and how it affects your body. Two of our good friends in Atlanta, Daniel and Sandra, are pregnant. We took a couple pictures of us in the “pregnancy mirror” for them =)

Pregnant Ben

Pregnant Leah

** Neither one of us is pregnant.

And I’ll leave everyone with a couple pictures of the La Boca Juniors Stadium. Including one die hard fan.

Die Hard Fan

Street Mural


  1. Are you SURE you’re not pregnant, Ben?

  2. Hey! Just keeping in touch. Your pictures and descriptions make me feel that almost I’m there with you. Like your little poll. But I veto running naked and biking a very dangerous road–and maybe even eating brains. We’ve just celebrated Memorial Day here–a time to ponder on those who have sacrificed so we can have a safe free country AND the start of summer. All are well here. Stay safe. We love you.

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