The streets are on fire in Montevideo

Posted by on May 20, 2011 in Uruguay | 3 comments

Leah and I went out for a walk down the main street of Montevideo, Uruguay which was full of food and magazine stands, clothes shops, fancy old buildings and vibrant parks. It was a great end to a day of sightseeing. And to top everything off, we saw an amazing street preformance! Three girls were playing with fire. They had torches, fireballs on strings, fans, and hula-hoops!
It was really amazing. One girl was twirlling a hula-hoop of fire with one leg! She was doing a one arm handstand, and had a ring of fire hula-hoop on one leg and then on the single arm that held her up another ring of fire! what?
All that and they never burned their armpit hair. Blahht.
Here is an amazing picture of their performance. My favorite picture from our trip to-date.

Fire Dancer, Montevideo, Uruguay


  1. So how are you taking these wonderful pictures? Did Ben have a second camera, or did Leah have one, or have you purchased a new one? Love following your adventures! And also love the way you both seem to mesh with each other! Happy traveling!!!

  2. Thanks Aunt Sandy & Uncle Jack! We love hearing from you guys! We have one camera. The one Mom & Dad got me last Christmas. It’s a Kodak digital camera. We never got another camera because electronics in South America are so expensive … import tax, but we’ll probably get a waterproof one when we come back to the States to visit. The trick is just to take lots of pictures and to not show the bad ones, lol. Practice makes perfect. Glad you are in enjoying them! Love you, Leah and Ben

  3. PS Ben took the picture in this post. He is very proud of it. lol.

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