Hanging Around Costa Rica

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We headed to Santa Elena, Costa Rica in search of a jungle adventure. This was our last stop in a short tour of the beautiful and expensive Costa Rica. The hostel we stayed at was “Sleepers Sleep Cheaper” and the owners were an extremely helpful family. The owner of the hostel even made Hostelcookers.com patches for our backpacks.

We went to a restaurant in downtown Santa Elena which was built around a tree. There was some amazing artwork in the restaurant. We had some coffee made the traditional Costa Rican way. Coffee grounds are put into a strainer and hot water is poured through. The strainer is tight knit so it takes a while for the hot water to go through: allowing the coffee to brew. And giving me time to ponder.

Here are a couple pictures.

The next morning we went to nearby “Hanging Bridges.” Each bridge stretched for hundreds of feet above the jungle canopy. The view of the fast rain forest was amazing from above.

We didn’t see any wildlife in the jungle, but the paths were still beautiful.


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