Our Flight to Asia…

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We flew EVAAIR from LA to Manila, Philippines with a layover in Taipei, Taiwan.
We got these nice nifty chinese-size slippers. They didn’t fit my feet but Leah loved them.

Our meal was unexpectedly normal. Except for some fish floss. Not sure what it’s for, but it smelled and tasted very fishy.

In college I always watched “The Most Extreme Elimination Challenge” Where Japanese people would run through an obstacle course. Everything was in Japanese but then there was English commentary dubbed over. It was a hilarious show. Well, on our flight they had the same show! Except. It was in English with Chinese dubbed over it. And instead of Japanese people making fools of themselves, there were Americans. It made me chuckle.

And our terminal in Taipei was a Hello Kitty terminal. Fully equip with pink hello kitty chairs, a hello kitty playroom, and hello kitty boarding instructions.

The flight wasn’t too bad. EVAAIR was a nice airline. The seats were spacious, the services friendly and the price reasonable.

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