Say Hello to Heaven

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It has been a while since our last post… sorry about that. We’ve been having too much fun in China. China is massive, it is busy, and it takes all your energy everyday.

We probably should post about Bali and Kuala Lumpur before China but, I loved this place.

Yesterday we took a car ride to the Mian Shan temple near Ping Yao, China. It was overwhelming: huge temples built into sheer cliffs surrounded by lush, green forests.

Here are some of our pictures (we took a lot). The screen on my netbook is too small to properly display the grandeur. I hope you have a large monitor =) you can click on any photo to get a larger version as well.


Incense burning below one of the temples.

View of the valley.

Temple built into the cliff.

View from the “Sky Bridge” a walkway built on the side of the mountain, above the temples.



2012-05-30 Mian Shan Temples China

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  1. Genius can’t be rushed, enjoy yourselves!!! Looking forward to your report though, amazing so far to say the least. God Bless…

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